July 23, 2024

Advantages of using DDoS protection service

DDoS protection service – What is it?

DDoS protection service, or also called DDoS mitigation, is a popular added DNS service. It is a blend of several tools and methods applied to examine traffic and stop DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are associated with a huge amount of malicious traffic created by cybercriminals. With it, they attempt to make your servers unstable and overwhelmed. As a result, the servers are not able to respond to the requests of the regular clients. 

How does DDoS protection service work?

As we mentioned, it is an extra layer of protection for your business that is not included in basic DNS plans. So, the DNS hosting providers offer different features. Yet, here are some of the most commonly provided tools and techniques for mitigating DDoS:

  • Separate traffic. It is essential to examine which traffic is coming from regular users (humans) and what malicious traffic is coming from machines (botnet) controlled by attackers.
  • Filter. The incoming traffic for your website is going to be filtered based on whitelisting or blacklisting and other different parameters. It is beneficial for protection to identify and stop fraudulent traffic.  
  • Deep analysis of the traffic. An investigation of the normal patterns of the traffic is crucial for further use for comparison. 
  • Traffic distribution. In some situations, a good load balancing technique could be enough to spread the dangerous traffic among the different DNS servers and that way to resist the attack. 
  • Monitoring. It monitors the entire DNS traffic. If the system detects an unusual pattern, it could initiate different behavior and take actions to prevent a possible DDoS attack. So, recognizing the traffic is crucial. 
  • Failovers. If one of the servers goes down and it is not able to operate, it could inform you of that and redirect the traffic to the other DNS servers. That happens entirely automatically, and it is not needed for a human to initiate it.


  • Less downtime. If you choose to implement a DDoS protection service, your servers will be more resistant to DDoS attacks, plus you will experience way less downtime. Your customers won’t be interrupted to reach and access your application or website. 
  • Great performance, even if under attack. The DNS service provider is able to offer well distribution of the traffic and manage it pretty well. Your application or website is going to be available without a notable penalty in productivity, even if it is under attack. 
  • It is more profitable. The time your website is not available for the visitors is critical, and it could cost a lot. You will lose many potential purchases during the time of the DDoS attack. DDoS protection service is really worth it. 
  • Managing it is simple. You just have to set it up once, and the monitors and failover tools could work almost by themselves. In case the attack is pretty large, then your IT team and the customer service of the DNS provider will have to resist the DDoS attack together. 

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