June 13, 2024

GeoDNS: Meaning & Advantages

First congrats. If you are googling GeoDNS, you are just one step away from giving excellent service to your clients. Let’s explore in detail what GeoDNS is and what its advantages are.

What does GeoDNS mean?

GeoDNS service is a premium DNS service that includes GeoDNS servers. These servers can check the DNS query of the clients. See their IP address, and based on the IP tables they use, they can redirect the clients to the closest web servers near them. The GeoDNS servers can do it by having multiple A or AAAA records and providing the right one that best suits the client’s query.



DNS resolution explained

How is it possible that we never learn a single IP address of a site, yet we can browse the Internet without any problems? What magical process transforms simple-to-write domain names into IP addresses and makes it so easy for us humans? It is called DNS resolution!

What is the DNS resolution?

DNS resolution is the process that DNS uses to resolve domain names to their IP addresses. It starts with a simple client’s DNS query for a domain name that later goes through a DNS recursive resolver, different DNS servers on different levels (Root, TLD, and authoritative servers) and brings back the IP address of the domain in the form of an A or AAAA record.

What to do if DNS resolution is not working?